Private Equity

Private Equity

Al Nesoor has been at the forefront assisting M&A work for international law firms working on behalf of international Corporations in Iraq as a local partner. Our experience covers a wide range of M&A work by private companies, including acquisitions, disposals, mergers, consolidation of solvent businesses and joint ventures.

How Has Al Nesoor Helped Our Clients?

When structuring a transaction, we begin by thoroughly evaluating the investment under consideration and acquisition proposals with value-add in mind. Our Nesoor lawyers advises cliets on structuring and presenting bids, negotiating and drafting acquisition agreements and financing documents, offering guidance and insight right through to the end of the transaction.

Our team supports clients through all stages of a deal, including:

  • Initial fundraising, formation and building the private equity investment fund.
  • Day-to-day management of portfolio companies, including restructurings, existing debt refinancing, add-on acquisitions and management incentive schemes.
  • Exit from investments, whether by sales or recapitalizations of portfolio companies or by taking them public.