Information & Data Protection

Information & Data Protection

The increase in global data privacy regulations and both public and media awareness of data sharing and ownership are creating new challenges and opportunities that impact consumers and businesses globally. GDPR is a major issue for Iraq however we manged to resolve any barriers that has approached us.

In today’s world, the value of data as a strategic asset and powerful source of economic value is clear. New business models are built on digital data. To protect consumers’ privacy, and to support their own new data-driven business models, businesses need to appropriately manage and secure their data.

New regulatory requirements in Iraq confirm this importance, whether for personal or non-personal data. The misuse or mismanagement of data can strongly influence the public perception of an organization in the market.

Al Nesoor has worked with local entities to develop their legal protection framework. unlike other countries, in Iraq each government department has its own data protection framework such as the Central bank of Iraq.

The Republic of Iraq has ratified the Arab Convention for the Suppression of Information Technology Offences, signed in Cairo on the date of 21/12/2010.