Employment and Immigration

Employment and Immigration

INGOs, foreign Investors, Expat contractors, and many other international entities and individual turn to Al Nesoor to resolve and facilitate employment and immigration related issues in Iraq. Our Employment & Immigration team helps entities to efficiently settle their staff in Iraq giving them a peace of mind.



In practice, predicting and engaging with employment challenges requires an awareness of the full spectrum the employee, who are the most important asset of an organization. At Al Nesoor We balance these legal obligations against running a work atmosphere to strengthens the productivity of workers and encourages efficiency to flourish.

At Al Nesoor we have a combination of legal expertise and realistic business awareness, customized to the industry and culture of the employer, is needed to find this balance. We assist employers across a broad spectrum of sectors and industries.


We assist our clients meet the best possible conditions when entering into a new job or promotion. Our knowledgeable employment team will help you to understand your rights and avoid costly and time-consuming lawsuits when relationships go sour, by securing advantageous conditions of settlement whenever possible.

Throughout every stage of employment, Al Nesoor Law Firm provide a combination of legal, technical and commercial support. We also periodically advise on team activities and the effect of restrictive covenants and provisions on confidentiality, as well as the possibility of injunction proceedings.

In order to achieve a more efficient and desirable exit, we always strive to avoid litigation, we prefer negotiation where we excel at. However, if a dispute needs prosecution by the Employment Tribunal or the High Court, we take firm action on behalf of our customers.

How Can we help

At Al Nesoor we provide full advice on the following In Iraq:

  • Coverage of enterprises in accordance with the provisions of the Retirement and Social Security Act No. 39 of 1971.
  • Payment of workers' contributions to employees registered with the company in the Retirement and Social Security Service.
  • Issuance of business identities to employees of the company.
  • Regulation of patentability of projects to the relevant bodies.
  • Coverage of project contracts and payment of labour contributions.
  • Provision of services to outgoing staff through end-of-service equivalent disbursement procedures.
  • Provision of services to outgoing staff through the introduction of payroll procedures.
  • Organization of work permits for foreign employees to be recruited.
  • Organization of industrial leave for industrial enterprises.
  • Liquidation of enterprises in the Retirement and Social Security Service.

The primary instrument that governs employment in the private sector in Federal Iraq is the Labour Law (37/2015), which replaced its predecessor, Law 71/1987, in 2016.

Other sources of law include:

  • the Retirement and Social Security Law (39/1971), as amended;
  • the Civil Code (40/1951), as amended; and
  • the Penal Code (111/1969), as amended.


We give straightforward, practical guidance on what can often be a confusing and nuanced area of law and can assist you with a wide range of immigration issues, from entry clearance and residency to advising entrepreneurs, investors and business visa applications.

Residence of company employees in Iraq?

We provide all-inclusive residency and visa support to international companies’ employees operating in Iraq, we engage directly with directory of residency at the Ministry of interior, we assist from the invitation to gaining access to Iraq via VISA; to gaining residency. We ease the process of the client to help them get on with what they’re best at!