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Going Global | AL-Nesoor News

Going Global | AL-Nesoor News

Furat Kuba · 10 April 2020

Our company expanded and spreaded via excellence and diversity in legal services provided by our experienced lawyers. 

Our services covered most of the legal requests of various companies in terms of activity or nationality as well as people from commercial, industrial, health fields, and the field of construction. 

Our Company's activities extended outside the borders of Iraq to reach the neighboring countries such as Lebanon, the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates.

After conducting discussions with our partners in the Company, we decided, due to the experience gained by the company in working with companies and people of different nationalities, to go global and opening branches in countries where we have distinguished clients so that we can always be close to them.

The first step is Amman, Jordan where most of the Iraqi businessmen and real estate owners live. Moreover, important Jordanian companies have investment and commercial activities in Iraq and international companies have their headquarters in Amman to exercise their activities.

After working persistently, we found a suitable place for our Company to serve our clients. The decision was made to open a branch in the Gardens area in Amman as this vital area is important as aforementioned.

Opening this branch is the first step to open other branches in Dubai, Istanbul, and other cities. A specialized staff will be available to proceed with the work and provide legal and financial services once Corona pandemic crisis ends and state of normalcy is resumed once again.

Such steps have been taken because we have a sense of professionalism towards our customers and the importance of their work. By being close to our clients, we can provide the best services and avoid routine by bringing distances closer and communicating directly with them.

We ask God for guidance and success to all

Lawyer Furat Kuba
The Managing Director of Al-Nesoor Company