Registering Your Company as Foreign Entity in IRAQ

Registering Your Company as Foreign Entity in IRAQ

Registering Your Company as Foreign Entity in IRAQ · 12 January 2020

Pre-Registration Stage

At Alnesoor, our firm is equipped with the capacity to register international foreign companies’ branches that desire to work in Iraq in both public and private sector. We start with providing all necessary paperwork authenticated by the Embassy of the Republic of Iraq in the company’s country of origin to the Business Registration Directorate and pay all necessary fees on its behalf.

We work with Business Registration Directorate to issue all necessary official agreements and forward it to the designated National security departments to secure approval, registration and follow up with Residency Directorate. After securing all approvals from the directorates mentioned above, an authorization to open the branch gets issued by the Business Registration Directorate. 

Afterwards, and according to applicable laws, a legal advisor will be appointed officially by the Iraqi Lawyers Union, hiring an accountant, and finally to affirm officially the company location in Iraq.

Post Registration Stage

Business Registration Directorate

Additional copies of the company’s branch authorization letter or certificate of establishment will be authenticated as well as the periodic filings, establishing companies’ contracts, branch and departments’ managers’ hiring orders.

Additionally, letters of confirmation to Government entities to endorse continuing legal existence of the company will be authenticated. And, renewal of hiring documentation orders of the legal counsel and whatever is necessary to keep the company operation.

From more information about the requirements please visit Foreign Companies Registration in Iraq